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GX 7.5 Furler  - KIT- 13mtrs

GX 7.5 Furler - KIT- 13mtrs

GX 7.5 Furler - KIT

Seldén GX are operated with an endless furling line running over a line driver drum. The furling line is preferably led all the way back to the cock pit and Seldén offer the Double Fairlead and the Twin-Cam block for a well organized set up. A purpose made AT-Cable has been developed to secure the function of the system and as the performance of top-down furling is dependant on the torsional rigidity of the AT-cable, it is included in the Seldén GX furlers. • Metal ”teeth” in the drum make for a good grip on the line when furling the sail. • A wedge in the line guide separates the line from the drum when unfurling the sail and the drum spins freely. • Sealed steel bearing in the drum and in the halyard swivel for long service life. • Rubber fender prevents the halyard swivel from chafing the mast while hoisting the furled sail. • CX. Spring loaded lock makes it easy to connect the thimbles to the drum and the halyard swivel. • GX. Patented line lock for easy mounting of the AT-Cable to the drum and to the halyard swivel. • All structural parts are made of high-strength Duplex stainless steel. This means reduced material and low weight. • Non-structural parts are made of impact resistant glass fibre reinforced polyamide composite.

    PriceFrom £1,165.50
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