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Racing Dyneema SK78 Solid colours

Racing Dyneema SK78 Solid colours

We are delighted to announce that the Dyneema components of our Dyneema Cruise Ropes are now made using new bio-based Dyneema® fibres.  This means that for every 1 tonne of bio-based Dyneema® purchased, 5 tonnes CO2 emissions are avoided when compared to standard Dyneema® fibres. This is fantastic news and an excellent development from our friends at DSM Protective Materials.

Racing Dyneema® has a Dyneema® SK78 12 strand coated core and braided HT polyester cover. It is very strong, low stretch, lightweight and easy to splice and is ideal for halyards and sheets.

  • Min Break Strength (kgs)

    Diameter (mm) Min Break Strength (kgs)
    8 3500
    10 4900
    12 6650
    14 9300
    16 11,800
PriceFrom £6.22
1 Meter
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