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Ratchet Block ARB45 Single

Ratchet Block ARB45 Single

SKU: 404-401-01R

Selden ARB 45 Block Applications: Dinghy main sheets and Dinghy spinnaker sheets. Technical Features ARB 45: Ø5 mm Delrin ball bearings and Ø45 mm carbon fibre reinforced polyetherimide sheave. The sheave automatically changes from free-turning to ratchet when the load increases. The sailor decides when the automatic ratchet kicks in.

The switch-over point is set using an Allen key to adjust a screw inside the sheave. Fast, simple, precise. Automatic Ratchet Block Inside:

1) When the block is low-loaded the ratchet mechanism is disengaged and the sheave spins free.

2) When the load on the block increases the ratchet engages and the sheave is locked in one direction.

  • Specifications

    • S.W.L (Kg): 150
    • Break Load (Kg): 300
    • Weight (g): 64
    • Rope Ø (mm): 8
    • Shackle diameter: 4mm
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