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Selden Roller Bearing Blocks 60mm

Selden Roller Bearing Blocks 60mm

Low resistance at high, dynamic loads is the main characteristic of Seldén Roller Bearing Blocks (RBB). The ability to easily release a highly loaded backstay tackle, a main sheet, a spinnaker halyard or a kicker tackle makes for fast, safe and uncomplicated manoeuvres.

Designed for high load, dynamic applications. Machined, black anodised aluminium cheeks and Torlon® roller bearings. PA washer insulates stainless from aluminium to  prevent corrosion. The shackle features a Ø 6 mm body and Ø 8 mm pin, a strong and lightweight combination. The swivel pin is hollow and chamfered to reduce  weight. Acetal ball bearing stabilize the sheave when  subjected to side loads.


    PriceFrom £234.03
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